Company Profile


We are MEGABET PLUS, known to be the market leader in the Sports Betting industry in Cyprus. With over 33 years of experience, our company prides itself with 200 retail shops that bring excellent sports betting and entertainment service in every city and every rural area in the country. We take pride in our presence in neighbourhoods and villages all over, making us one of the most recognized brands in the land. We also have advanced competencies in the online gaming business that enables us to connect people to our unique and friendly service through multiple online platforms and mobile application.

As the forerunner of the CLEVERPATH HOLDINGS LTD group, we are backed up with a dedicated team of experts, with a thrust to maintain a clean operating record that complies with the regulations of the country’s National Betting Authority, and the European Union’s regulatory board.

Consistently operating with the latest gaming technology certified by GLI and BMM Labs, we ensure fairness and transparency for both players and regulators. Our integrated payment methods such as cash, card processing, local bank transfers, and cash vouchers are all supported by both the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of Cyprus guidelines.

We continue to strive to be in the forefront of the entertainment and gaming industry with the sole desire of providing advance technology and the most unique experience to our partners and clients. Ultimately, our aim is to bring the competitive edge of our brand of service not only in Cyprus but also to the rest of the region.


To consistently provide the best experience to our customers with our innovative software and products.


The company was established for the first time in August 1987 under the name SPORTSMAN BETTING CO LTD as a private limited company. In February 2000 it was renamed to MEGABET LTD and March 2005 renamed MEGABET PUBLIC COMPANY LTD.

In November 2012 the company was purchased by LP THE PRO (MERIDIAN CYPRUS) LTD and renamed MEGABET PLUS LTD. In January 2013 the company merged with TOP SPORT and in December of the same year bought KORONA BET and BETENA. In July of 2014 the company bought BHTABET ltd and in 2017 MEGABET PLUS LTD bought MYBET CYPRUS LTD company.

In September of 2018 by the closing from National Betting Authority of Royal betting ltd, MEGABET PLUS LTD manage to absorbed more than the 50% of the flagship stores of this company also a number of 26 shops. Then, from December 2018, CLEVERPATH HOLDINGS LTD is operating under the name MEGABET PLUS.


To provide our technology and high standard products globally and inspire, empower, enrich peoples’ lives.


Dominique Laconico

President & CEO

George Halloumis


Socratis Christodoulou



Megabet Plus is committed to giving back to the community through our extensive CSR Program at a national and local level. We have a yearly blood donation drive on all our shops and offices, we take part in cleaning initiatives in the communities where we are most active and we have an network of charities and charitable organization to which we contribute on a steady basis.