Complaints Policy

If you have any complaints, please contact us 24/7 through the following ways:


Live Support

Phone: 22207801


Upon receiving your complaint, we will investigate thoroughly and aim to respond within 48 hours.


If you are not satisfied with our final decision, you can file your complaint to the Cyprus National Betting Authority at . This authority regulates all betting activities in Cyprus, and we comply with their decisions.


Procedure for Submission and Examination of Complaints to the National Betting Authority of Cyprus:

  1. A three-member committee examines complaints or infringements. They can hear witnesses and receive written statements from involved parties, who must provide relevant information or evidence.
  2. The grievance process includes:
    1. a) Sending a copy of the complaint or infringement to the license holder against whom the complaint is made.
    2. b) Inviting the accused party to present their position, either in person or in writing.
    3. c) The Commission may:
      1. Summon witnesses and request the presence of the accused and the complainant.
      2. Accept any testimony, written or oral, regardless of its admissibility in civil or criminal proceedings.
      3. iii. Request any document or other evidence related to the case.
    4. d) The accused has the right to:
      1. Submit a written response to the Authority and/or the complainant.
      2. Provide the Authority and/or the complainant with relevant documents, either original or certified copies, along with any correspondence related to the complaint.


Once the above process is completed, the committee submits its findings and all relevant evidence to the Authority for a decision.


If a violation of the license terms is found, the Authority will take appropriate action and notify both parties in writing.